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Wellness and fitness live where you do, Home...



  • Real-time live instruction

  • Classes designed based on specific group level

  • Flexible schedule

  • High quality video & audio production

  • Simple interface for all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet)


Let me help you feel better about yourself. I can help you extract the maximium from your practice and time with me. One of the fundamental goals of Yoga & Pilates is to obtain a sense of harmony between body & mind, with every new that we learn things take time. I can help you in making a commitment to looking after your body and mind. As such, being in the moment is imperative to creating a connection that is both meaningful and effective. The main difference between recorded instruction and real-time live instruction lies in the critical elements of pace and synchronicity. Going through the same movements at the same time as the class participants provides a more engaging experience where both visual and spoken cues ring true as they do in a physical studio. Classes are tailored to the specific needs of the group, their abilities and the flow that matches their conditions. Give yourself a chance to experience this connection from the sanctuary that is both your physical and spiritual home.

-Carly Circuitt

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