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What services do you offer?

1:1 Private Yoga & Mat Pilates Classes,1:1 Private Reformer Classes, In Person group classes in MK, Live Zoom group classes, On-Demand library 140+ HD videos

What in person classes are available?

Monday 530pm & 645pm Pilates, Bancroft, Milton Keynes

Tuesday 630pm & 745pm Pilates, Woburn Sands

Thursday 915am Pilates, Shenely Brook End, Milton Keynes

Thursday 630pm Pilates, Woburn Sands

Friday 745am, Yoga, Husbourne Crawley

Booking here

How do the in person classes work?

In person classes are purchased via membership or PAYG space providing. Once you have purchase the membership or class of your choice you will receive an email confirmation and I will be in touch with you directly.

What Live Zoom classes are available?

Monday 8am Yoga

Tuesday 5pm Pilates

Thursday 515pm Pilates / Yoga on alternating weeks

Booking here

How do the live zoom classes work?

You book yourself into class and will receive a confirmation of your booking along with the link to join class.

Join class 5 mins prior to start time to set yourself up, you can have cameras on or off, on if you want me to watch you practice

Mics are muted so background noises don't disrupt the class, you can always unmute yourself to chat with me

What On-Demand Classes are there?

On-Demand HD video library 140+ videos

Access videos here

How do the On-Demand classes work?

You simply login to your account from the homepage or via the on-demand page, find the class you wish to take and off you go! There are 120+ HD classes including Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Relaxation, Meditation, HITT and SO much more - take your pick, mix and match you can do it all, anytime anywhere

What 1:1 Sessions are available?

1:1 sessions are in person local areas to Milton Keynes and online via zoom.

You can book in person here

You can book online here

Reformer 1:! can be booked here

How do the 1:1 classes work?

You can book your 1:1 class by selecting the time and date that works for you, you will receive an email confirmation of booking along with login details if your class is online. If your class is in person I will get in touch with you to confirm address details.

Reformer 1:1 classes are booked here

How much are classes?

In person classes £43 per month (access to 1 class a week)

Singe PAYG in person classes £15 per class

Single online zoom classes £7 per class (cheaper if purchasing via membership, depending on how many classes you take a week classes can be less than £1.70 a class!)

Online VIP membership £39 per month, unlimited online class access

Online On-Demand membership £30 per month

1:1's Online £30 per class

1:1's In Person £45 per class

1:1 Reformer Pilates £65 per class

How do I book a class?

You can book a class via the all classes page here

What memberships do you offer?

VIP - Including unlimited live zoom classes and on-demand access

On-Demand - Access to all on-demand classes

Membership for in person classes - each in person class has a membership plan

You can view all memberships here

What if I cant attend a booked in person class?

You will be able to attend an alternative class space permitting

What date will I be charged for my membership?

You will be charged on the same date every month, this is the date of your purchase. You will have received a confirmation email confirming your plan purchase. If you pause your membership the date you will charged will change depending on when the membership is restarted, get in touch to find out more

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes of course, you can cancel yourself through the website or get in touch with me to do so

Can I have more than one membership?

Yes of course, you can purchase as many plans as you wish

Can I trial a class?

Yes! Online live zoom and on-demand classes are available for you to try completely free, you can try a weeks worth of free classes, there is also a free class below for your connivence. You can purchase the free trial membership here

Coupon code for 1st class FREE?

Yes! Use code FIRSTFREE at the checkout to enjoy a FREE class on me :) (this code is for zoom classes)

If its in person please get in touch to check space availability and book directly - you still get the class FREE

Please get in touch via email to book your free in person class

Classes over Christmas

Classes will stop over the Christmas period, dates TBC closer to the time

How will I know when your away?

If you are in the community you will be give the option to be added to the group WhatsApp, I will keep you updated via that. If you choose not be in the group you will find details below of when I plan to be away

Current planned leave

Christmas, dates TBC


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Access to 140+ On-Demand Classes & Live Classes

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